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Historic Background

In the ancient world, the use of Greek marbles and stones constituted a vital factor of the cultural heritage of Greece. Not only the white ones (Penteli, Thasos, Paros, Naxos) whose use was dominant during the ancient times, but also many coloured ones (red, green, grey, black, multi-colour etc) which were also used in the construction and decoration of buildings and pieces of art of the pre-Christian period, the Roman, the Byzantine and the after-Byzantine period.

...Influenced by the Greek heritage of marbles, Rekalis company was founded in 1980 and has ever since – through a long-time family course – been operating in the field of marble.

The Company

Our company specialises in the trade and processing of marbles, granites, natural and artificial stones with materials from all over the world (cutting, carving, burnishing, polishing & standardization) for the company itself as well as for third parties (facon), offering ideal solutions for the decoration of both interior and exterior spaces, at the best possible prices in the market

Our goal is to use our know-how in order to satisfy every customer’s needs by offering high-quality materials and services.


Having the necessary machinery for cutting, carving, burnishing, polishing & standardization, and our qualified personnel, we offer our know-how to the best service of our clients

Decoration of Exterior Spaces
Decoration of Interior Spaces:
Export of Products

......Bearing great expertise during the last 15 years, we export our products in countries of the Balkan, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates, constitutes over 90% of the sales, having gained the trust of our clients and suppliers......

Our Premises
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